Tylir Penton

TLP Equine Services is a multi-dimensional company offering a wide range of services to equestrians in the Northern Virginia area. Based in Middleburg, Virginia, our photographers offer a vast knowledge of horses, pets and people. Providing services from brand management to event photography and more!

About Us

Tylir is an avid equestrian, competing in dressage. She has been active in the Northern Virginia equestrian community for almost 10 years through all aspects of the industry. While her passion is dressage, she has been known to compete in anything from western events to jumpers and even vaulting! You will even find her competing her Australian Shepherd in agility (who is also her trusty assistant at horse shows). On top of running our company, she is also attending college while still working full time.

Alex, a life long equestrian, has been a member of the press at various horse events for the last decade. His experience as a press photographer has shaped him as a show photographer and enables him to capture crucial candids. As a rider himself, he is able to capture the best moments for horse & rider. In addition to providing freelance photography, Alex rebuilds antique cars & motorcycles. 

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